For the company Botec Praezisionsbohrtechnik GmbH, WMS Noebauer completely overhauled an already quite elderly Walter Helitronic GC 6 machine. In order to work efficiently, the machine was first transported from the company’s factory in Riederich (Germany) to our workshop in Austria.

Firstly the GC 6 machine was completely dismantled. Great care was necessary during this step, since the new manufacture of any special parts would have only been possible at great effort and cost. After the machine had been fully dismantled down to its cast iron base, WMS Noebauer began with the cleaning of the items, as well as their inspection with regard to their function and geometry, and finally all castings were repainted.

Next, the rebuilding of the individual components was started. All mechanical guide and drive parts were replaced, and then all electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic lines were also renewed so that they meet today’s requirements.


In consultation with the customer, the old stepper motors were replaced by new servo motors. This modification enables the machine to operate at a higher speeds and with higher precision, which is equivalent to doubling its efficiency in production use. Through the additional installation of a state-of -art frequency converter all of the grinding spindles can now be speed controlled, which means that all the six axes can now be interpolated simultaneously. All three grinding spindles can be so regulated that the optimum circumferential speed of the grinding spindles is always present.

Following the return of the machine to Germany, WMS Noebauer seamlessly integrated the overhauled machine back into the production process of the company Botec.

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