Within the framework of the “Eve” project, WMS Noebauer undertook the overhaul of a Heli 55 Tool Grinder in cooperation with one of its partners, namely the company SOS Elektronik. WMS Noebauer was primarily responsible for the overhaul of all mechanical components, while SOS Elektronik took over the over of the electrical and electronic components.

First, the machine was dismantled back to its Base and then completely stripped of all old paint. The rebuild of the machine was then made on the newly painted Base.

A number of individual machine components were also repainted, while others were newly corrosion protected using black galvanization. New bearings and ball screws were installed and wherever possible parts having higher specification than the originals were utilized. In this way, by upgrading the Z-axis and the Y-axis to utilize roller bearing guides from the company NSK, it was possible to double the load rating both statically and dynamically. The rigidity and durability of the X-axis was increased significantly through the installation of a ball screw having increased load rating and higher speed. The entire central lubrication system of the machine was replaced and all lines were checked for possible leaks. The original lubricating distributor nozzles were then replaced by new nozzles having a higher throughput.

The aim of the work during the entire project was for WMS Noebauer was to restore all parts of the machine so that from a mechanical perspective it could be returned to operation again just like NEW.

To achieve this goal, it was also necessary for us to grind or mill certain individual machine parts. Such precision work is necessary to achieve complete customer satisfaction.

Also in the interest of the customer countless minor features in the interior of the helicopter 55 were upgraded, thus increasing the quality of the machine in many areas. The customer will thereby benefit in the future from significantly lower maintenance and repair costs. For example, the crash protection of the Y axis has been improved, so that in the event of a crash it prevents that the guides or the ball screw drive will be damaged. Since the disc springs of the original crash protection system would easily break in case of a crash, they were replaced with permanent elastic dampers. These absorb the energy resulting from a crash much better and thereby prevent, among others the damages described above.


WMS Noebauer strives in all of its projects to achieve complete customer satisfaction. This means implementing sustainable work processes from day one of every project. To achieve this we discuss and define all of the project steps together the customer before the project tasks are initiated. By doing this we can find the optimal solution for every customer.

The fact that this was achieved to a high degree in the “Eve” project was confirmed by the visitor response at the GrindTec Trade Fair in Augsburg. Being able to present the “before and after” project documentation, as well as the actual refurbished Heli 55 machine convinced the professional audience of this on a broad level.

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