This project consisted of completely revitalizing a scrapped “Walter-BG“ Broach Grinding Machine obtained from the company FIAT (Argentina) and successfully putting it back into service for our customer “Herrarmar (Argentina).

Right at the start of the project the fundamental question had to be clarified of whether the reconstruction of the machine should be performed utilizing with the original old control system from Andron, or whether the working condition of the control and drive system was too poor to use. Finally, Herramar opted for a conversion to a completely new control system, last but not least, to ensure lasting process reliability in operation. The “Delta Tau Advantage” control system implemented represents state-of the-art technology and is perfectly matched for use with tool grinding machines having more than four axes.

Together with our partner SOS Elektronik, WMS Noebauer could limit the on-site installation time in Argentina to just 17 days. This was possible because both SOS Elektronik and WMS Noebauer collaborated intensively and extensively with the customer concerning the necessary engineering activities. Thus, the complete Control Cabinet was assembled and tested in Europe. All motors and systems were only packaged for transport following an intensive 48 hour continuous testing run. As part of the on-site commissioning all cables, compressed air lines, lubrication lines and some hydraulic lines were replaced. As found necessary, some mechanical parts were also exchanged.


Many parts of the machine were improved, making it perfectly fit to the work-pieces to be used by the customer. This leads to a significant optimization of the workflows during operation.
To achieve this, the X-axis of the machine was equipped with a direct drive system, a completely new central lubrication system was installed and the compressed air system was also modernized. At the request of the customer, the Walter-BG was fitted with three magnetic clamping plates, the A-axis was converted to a worm screw operation, and a work-piece spindle support for high speeds was installed. The three grinding spindles running at 8,000/12,000 and 20,000 rev / min. were optimized for all the customer’s foreseen grinding operations.

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