Early in 2013 WMS Noebauer completely upgraded a Helitronic Classic Power Retrofit for one of its long-time customers. This customer is one of the leading suppliers in the printing industry and operates worldwide.

First, the machine was completely disassembled. At the request of the customer, the reconstruction was made by based on the latest and most innovative technologies. The machine could therefore be brought up to the present day state of the art.

Utilizing completely new technologies, the machine was, amongst others, equipped with a laser measurement system from the company Blum. This enabled the contact less measuring of the tools in length, position and contour to be possible. If desired this also enables the depths of voids in contour to be automatically detected.

In addition, the machine was fitted with a special loader that allows the customer to run the machine without human intervention over a period of 48 hours. This special loader can be loaded with up to 2,700 work-pieces. In order to reduce the intensity of service, we also provided the machine with a central lubrication system. All of the components utilized are manufactured by reputable manufacturers.

A maintenance-free gripper and loader tilt unit from the company Schunk were utilized, which were also designed for maximum repeatability and reliability.

The user interface of the machine control was basically left “as was”. Thus, the software that was individually written for the customer differs only slightly from the original Walter Windows mode user surface. The control panel of the control system is identical to the control unit of an original HMC500 machine.

Also from a safety perspective, the machine was completely renewed. The renewal covered the entire system and included such items as the security locks (from the company Jakob Safety), as well as the fire extinguisher system (from the companies Kraft and Bauer). An additional cabinet was designed and mounted on the machine which contained the entire pneumatics, central lubrication system and the gas bottle for the fire extinguishing system. This makes all of these components easy to use and service.


The machine was delivered by WMS Noebauer completely ready to start its grinding tasks. This delivery also included new additional components such as an automatic work-piece clamping system, grinding wheels, cutting fluid coolant cleaning system and the fume extraction system. As a result, the customer received a completely new and ready to use system.

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