Initially we began with machines that had previously been sold by Hahn & Kolb Austria, but since 1994, we provide services and repairs for machine tools from various manufacturers, including:

    Retrofit / Overhaul

  • We offer many possibilities from a simple overhaul at the customer site, or the repair of all axes, up to a complete rebuild of a machine, including all customer specific requirements and additional options. Examples cover such items as a simple special repainting or even the addition of a loading robot with an additional conversion to include a grinding wheel changer etc.

    Spare Parts Service

  • We deliver spare parts necessary for continued operation of the machine tools in a fast and reliable way. Depending on the customer’s particular wishes, we can supply either original parts or special custom-made versions. This means that for instance, instead of fitting the original ball guides spare parts, roller guides can be utilized instead as a special modification, thus making a machine stiffer.


  • We provide intensive training for  customers concerning all changes and updates made to their machine tools, whether this involves the software or a new control system etc. Such trainings guarantee that our customers can fully utilize and make the best possible use of all options provided by their overhauled machine tools


WMS Noebauer offers general repairs, retrofitting and renovation of all types and brands of machine tools.


Our machine tool services include Repair, Replacement, Retrofiting, Overhauling and Spare Parts Service as well as Training.


We provide all of our services on-site worldwide. This enables you to save considerably on transport, shipping and insurance costs and expensive machine downtime can be considerably shortened.


We have serviced different branches of metal processing including companies involved in tooling-making, mould manufacture and the automotive industry.


From FIAT in Argentina through Bosch in Austria to Carbtools in India, WMS Nöbauer has a long list of key projects for world industry leaders. To illustrate a typical project flow and the customer benefits, we list underneath some project highlights:

  • "Im continually impressed with Manfred and his team. We have used Noebauer for both retrofits and repairs. We have several gantry loaders that were manufactured and installed my Manfred all run flawless. The machine repairs they have provided on our machines have all been perfect. Beside the excellent cost savings, the service provided is absolutely top notch. I highly recommend Manfred and his team to anyone who is in need of Walter CNC services and repair. We are so glad there is an alternative company like Noebaurer that we know we can rely on.” "

    Hank Florence Director of Operations ARCH Cutting Tools ‑ Athol
  • "Wir sind mit dem schnellen und zuverlässigen Service von der Firma WMS sehr zufrieden! Sehr hoch anrechnen wollen wir dabei den flexiblen Reparatur und Service Einsatz übers Wochenende damit wir keinen Produktionstag verloren haben! Vielen Dank für die bereits Jahrelange Zusammenarbeit!"

    VPW – Präzisionswerkzeuge Bitsche OG
  • "I’ve been relying on Manfred Nöbauer for our Walters machine maintenance for 10 years. Manfred Is reliable, dependable, efficient, and thorough on the service calls he makes. His service quotes are accurate both for cost of repair and machine downtime. He troubleshoots issues and when maintenance is required, he procures the parts for the repair. When he services a machine for a specific problem, he will also conduct a once over to provide guidance on things to monitor to prevent additional problems. I would strongly recommend Manfred for your Walters maintenance needs. – Mike Baumann, Production Manager at Sharon Cutwell Co., Belgium, WI."

    Michael R Baumann Production Supervisor - SHARON CUTWELL


The main focus of WMS Noebauer concerns repairs of machine tools.
Among others, our machine tool services include the repair of:


Walter Maschinenbau machines belong to our prime areas of application, such as: Heli35, Heli50, GC6, GC8, Heli55, Heli45, Classic Power, Power Production, Power Regrinder, Mini Power and Vision.


For surface grinders, we mainly care for those manufactured by ELB-Schliff and G+H.


Our focus are the machines manufactured by Maho (MH1000C, H800C, MH700S, MH500W and MH600E2). We are additionally specialized on BMC machines (BMC 40/50 and BMC 25), as well as the VMX series machines from Hurco.


Through working with a strong network of partners such as specialist mechanical engineering companies, we are able to provide consistently high levels of quality and service to our clients from a variety of different branches of metal processing. The following is an excerpt of those firms we have worked for and in cooperation with:

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