WMS Noebauer repaired a Walter Helitronic 45 Universal Tool Grinder on-site in Pune (India).

In this case, due to the cramped conditions around this machine and the lack of a crane, the active support of the entire workforce was necessary to enable the repair to be performed. The first step in replacing the guide rails was to check the position and parallelism of all of the guides and to do this it was necessary to firstly remove the tower of the machine using pure manpower.

Following the exchange of the guides and the installation of all of the ball screws, all of the electrical cables, pneumatic lines, and the entire central lubrication system were renewed. To increase the life of the new lines and cables, these were laid into protective drag chains.


At the specific request of the customer, this machine was not transported to Europe. This decision was made since the associated transport costs would have exceeded by far the available budget to repair the machine. Since working with existing muscle strength in India is nothing exceptional, it was natural for WMS Noebauer to accept this local customary way of working. This allowed our customer Carbtools (India) PVT LTD to keep within his repair budget and enable the machine to be kept in their production process for many more years.

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