In September 2013, WMS Noebauer was contracted by HLT Tools Co. Ltd. (China) to service two Walter Helitronic PowerBASIC machines on-site in China. Although initially only a normal service was planned, it soon became clear that the machines required a more extensive overhaul.

On one machine all axes were repaired and the central lubrication system was partially upgraded. The linear guides were connected to the existing lubrication lines, which originally only fed to the ball screws.

On the other machine, in which no central lubrication pump was available, the entire central lubrication was retrofitted.


Once HLT put both of their Helitronic Power production machines into operation, the difference between machines with and without a central lubrication system became very clear. As a result, HLT decided to have both machines retrofitted with new axes and central lubrication systems, which WMS Noebauer were able to immediately implement on-site.

Have you also had similar experiences? WMS Noebauer is pleased to offer you an alternative to manual lubrication using a grease gun.

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